Which is the best LED floor lamp in the market?


There is immense variety and options available when it comes to the interior lighting setups for the varying requirements of the clients. The evolution in tech is reflected by the modern lighting solutions – which are not only more effective but they also consume less power – and thus provide cost as well as energy efficient solutions to the customers. There are several manufacturers in the market who are known for their reliable standard of lighting products. When you are in the market looking for lighting solutions it is important that you browse through the products from different manufacturers and compare their features as well as functionality before finalizing your purchase.

Zoomable LED Display Lighting

Zoomable LED Display Lighting

Why is Omnizoom trusted by the customers?

Omnizoom is one of the most proficient, prominent and highly renowned manufacturer of indoor lighting solutions, such as zoomable light, in the market. The company provides the best in class and the most productive lighting solutions including showcase LED light that provides value for money to the customers. They are also known for their impeccable customer service, throughout the entire process of purchase. The company also provides efficient post sales service which is important when deciding to purchase any type of product from a specific manufacturer.

Some of the best lighting solution products that are featured and listed on https://www.omnizoomstudio.com/ includes 5671/72 CEO Omnizoom portable floor lamp zoomable and Y-tech /CEO Gear+Five formats in one and playful, D1702/D1703 1W/3W Nanna-Nano Low Voltage Track light with compact and considerate design, 8615V2 Blue Contour spotlight for art gallery and museum lighting with Y-tech 15W, 8288/8088 3W/1W Rolux A small expert for exhibition showcase/cabinet display and 9063 AntMan Ceiling wall washer with big tilt angle corridor picture recessed light amongst others.

Each of these products have their own unique features as well as functionality which is defined by the technology used in these lighting equipments. You can browse through these products and check out all the information regarding these products so that you have a good knowledge on different products and what suits you the best.

Zoomable LED Display Lighting

Zoomable LED Display Lighting

The 12V portable floor lamp having dimmable switch and zoomable lens from Omnizoom

The Omnizoom studio provides 12V portable floor lamp that comes equipped with zoomable lens and the dimmable switch which gives you the ultimate omnipotent LED floor lamp. One of the objectives of the company when designing this product was to come up with the lighting solution that will cater to the high-end requirements of the CEOs. The R&D team from the company worked extensively on this product and crafted this equipment in 2 years. This LED floor lamp is available in two different varieties: one is the COB lens and other is 3 in 1 lens. Both of these versions of the LED floor lamps have their own benefits however there are some small differences.

The COB lens product is made for providing more light softening and beam angle is between 10 to 40 degrees. The company utilized 1 piece of the COB LED plus COB zoomable lens whereas in the 3 in 1 version the light is brighter and beam angle is between 16 degrees and 52 degrees. The company utilized 3 LED pcs and the 3in1 zoomable lens. Both of these different versions can meet varying requirements of the clients. The company has also used safe 12v low voltage for prevention of accidental shock. The dimmable switch is mounted on the lamp and you can dim it directly by using the on/off switch.

The Important Things That You Must Know About iPhone Battery Replacement


To substitute an iPhone battery, then possibly send it into an Apple Repair Center or take it in an Apple Store in person. When it’s a simple replacement, then your battery could be replaced while you wait for those who take it into an Apple Store. In certain conditions, Apple will have to ship your iPhone into a Repair Center and you will want to wait 3-5 days to your iPhone battery to be substituted.

battery for iphone

Can the idea of leaving home with no iPhone charger provide you stress? Are your family and friends accustomed to the fact your mobile is always dead? If you answered yes to either of those questions, you may be thinking,”Yes, my iPhone battery does not last long, however I do not wish to purchase a new phone” If you do not need to fork out the countless bucks to obtain a new iPhone, you are able to pay a little to acquire an iPhone battery replacement. Even better, if your iPhone is under guarantee, it is possible to get it replaced at no cost!

Could an iPhone Battery Be Monitored?

Yes, you may completely substitute an iPhone battery life. Although, it is not quite as simple as the old mobile phones prior to the smartphone age –you can not simply slip off the iPhone situation yourself and replace battery.

Can an iPhone Battery Be Replaced?

The simplest way to receive your iPhone battery substituted is simply going via Apple directly. You might be thinking that replacing yourself is a less costly alternative, but it might not be. The price of this battery itself is probably more costly than replacing it via Apple (if you are getting a fantastic excellent battery) and you risk damaging your iPhone by doing it yourself.

All of iPhone version batteries may be substituted by Apple, but old versions may be more expensive than others.

How to Replace an iPhone Battery

To order an Apple iPhone battery replacement, you can either:

  • Send it in to an Apple Repair Center
  • Bring your iPhone to an Apple Store or Apple authorized service location
  • Many people prefer the latter option, since you’ll likely have a faster turnaround time.


Sending your iPhone into an Apple Repair Center is a superb alternative if you can not get to a shop in person. You will Have to:

  • Employ a dispatch request (you will need to log in with your Apple ID)
  • Wait to get a dispatch box to arrive out of Apple
  • Send your iPhone to Apple with the box supplied
  • Apple will replace your iPhone battery and send it back to you in 3 to 5 business days.

The obvious drawback to this choice is you will be with no iPhone for a couple days as you await the delivery box in Apple, await the iPhone to arrive in the Apple Repair Center, wait for Apple to fix the iPhone, and eventually await your own iPhone to be sent back to youpersonally.

If you’d like your iPhone replaced the exact same day, then be sure into an Apple shop.


Can not be with no iPhone for over a couple of minutes? Then take it in an Apple shop or an accredited service place close to you. To spare yourself waiting for an Apple tech that will aid you, make an appointment .

Bring iPhone to an Apple Store

They ought to be able to replace your battery as you wait. For more complex scenarios, Apple might want to ship your iPhone into an Apple Repair Center. If that is true, you ought to wait for 3-5 business days for your telephone battery to be substituted.

Third-Party Services

If you search online for information about replacing Apple iPhone batteries, then you will probably find numerous neighborhood third-party firms that will do this for you for a charge. Large retail stores such as Best Buy and Office Depot all supply these solutions, as do smaller neighborhood companies.

The expense of the services vary based on which iPhone version you’ve got and which service you select. Similar to Apple, these third party battery replacement providers offer you same-day replacement.

It is always safer to go right to the maker (i.e., Apple) to replace/fix your own iPhone components, including the batterylife, but if that is not feasible for you for any reason, you really do have other choices.

Cost of Battery Replacement

If your iPhone remains under warranty or you have an AppleCare+ program, it will not cost you anything to have your iPhone battery substituted by Apple. In case your iPhone is outside of warranty and you do not have mobile phone insurance Apple will give you a commission based on your own iPhone model.

You will also have to pay an extra $6.95 shipping fee in case Apple should send your iPhone.

Replace Your Old iPhone

If you would rather just spend the money on the most up-to-date or newer iPhone, check out a few of the greatest bargains different carriers have to offer you.

By buy one, get one free deals, to enormous discounts, mobile phone carriers are constantly offering special discounts on different iPhone versions.