The different types of casters and wheel guides


A caster is an assembly that includes a wheel and a base. Casters support and make it easy to maneuver carts, shelves, dollies and other equipment. Casters are available in different materials, wheel diameters, tread widths, load ratings and overall heights, making your equipment maneuverable in a variety of work environments.

Medical Caster Wheels

To help determine which type of caster is best for your needs, consider the following questions:

  • Is the work environment wet or greasy?
  • How much load do these casters need to support?
  • Will the casters be used for powered traction?
  • Is exposure to chemicals or caustics a cause for concern?
  • What type of floor or surface do you need to manipulate?
  • What temperature range will the casters be exposed to?
  • Need a brake?
  • Are aesthetics or noise reduction an issue?
  • Do you need certification to CA Prop 65, NSF Food Service Use, or other standards?

Mobility: rigid casters, swivel casters, swivel casters without kingpin
When considering mobility, there are two basic types of casters: rigid casters and swivel casters.

  • Swivel casters have raceways that allow the wheels to turn. A raceway is the cylindrical portion of a swivel caster that contains one or more ball bearing tracks.
  • Rigid casters, also known as fixed casters, can only roll back and forth.

Traditional swivel caster designs rely on a kingpin, which is a bolt or rivet that holds the races together. In this design, the kingpin is subject to a lot of stress, especially when the device encounters an obstacle or a heavy object falls on it. Because of this, kingpins are a common point of failure for traditional swivel casters.

A kingpinless caster is a special type of swivel caster whose races are not held together by bolts or rivets. Stress distribution is more even, which means kingpinless casters generally last longer than traditional swivel casters. They are recommended for power traction applications as they can better withstand the stress caused by high-speed rotation. They are also better at handling impacts such as rough terrain, obstacles and falls. However, kingpinless casters generally have a higher initial cost than traditional swivel casters.

Rigid and swivel casters are available for different applications in different configurations:

  • The most common caster configuration uses two parallel swivel casters and two parallel fixed casters. This gives the cart good cornering and straight-ahead travel.
  • Four rigid casters in a diamond pattern can be a cost-effective arrangement. In this configuration, the central pair of casters on the left and right are usually slightly higher than the pair on the front and rear. This makes it relatively easy to turn and pivot the cart when the load is arranged on central fixed casters.
  • Carts with only swivel casters are easy to move in any direction, which is useful for maneuvering lighter loads in tight spots, but they are difficult to control. In this configuration, swivel locks on both casters make straight-line driving easier.

Caster Material and Dimensions: General Characteristics

Wheel material and size are important considerations when choosing casters. What the wheel is made of, how big or small it is, affects how easy it is to move (which in turn affects the ergonomics of the cart), how durable it is, the noise it makes, and more.

Carts with wheels made of harder materials are generally easier to move than carts with wheels made of softer materials. This is because Medical Caster Wheels made of harder materials have lower starting resistance, especially when the load weight increases. Starting resistance is the force that the wheel must overcome to move the wheel when it is stationary. Wheels made of harder materials also have lower rolling resistance, which means less force is required to keep them moving at a constant speed.

Wheels made from softer materials are generally quieter and more comfortable to use because they transmit less vibration. They can also help protect soft floor materials, such as hardwood or tile, that can be damaged by harder wheels.

Comparing wheel hardness: Shore A, Shore D, Brinell

Generally speaking, rubber casters are softer than plastic casters, which are softer than metal casters. The hardness of a particular caster is rated using three scales:

  • Shore D scales are typically used for harder rubbers and plastics.
  • The Shore A scale is used for softer rubbers.
  • Brinell hardness testers are used for metals and have a Brinell hardness number (BHN).

Within each scale, higher numbers indicate stiffer materials.

Wheel size

Diameter and width are two measurements that provide wheel size. The diameter is the height of the wheel. (Total height of casters includes wheels and base.)

In general, wheels with larger diameters and widths have lower starting and rolling resistance – it’s easier to get them moving and keep them moving. They can handle heavier loads and are generally quieter.

However, larger diameter wheels also give the cart a higher center of gravity, which can reduce its stability, especially with higher loads stacked on the cart.

Caster rated load

The load rating of each caster increases the total capacity that can be supported. Each caster represents an incremental increase in rated load capacity. To find the load rating per caster required for your application, divide the weight of the load (including the weight of the cart itself) by the number of casters.

For safety reasons, remove one caster and divide by the weight of the load to get the load rating for each caster. Consider using a higher safety factor for power towing and in areas outdoors or where the wheel may roll over tall obstacles.

How To Choose The Right Office Chair


Every year, people at work spend an average of about 2,200 hours sitting in their workstation chairs. Even if you work in a home office, it is important to invest in a chair that is good for you. After all, there are several studies linking the choice of office chair to overall productivity.

So, what should you look for when buying a chair for your home office? We have eight tips to make selection easier:

office chair manufacturer


This usually plays a central role in the office chair purchase decision, which is a good thing. Studies have shown that paying attention to this factor can greatly reduce repetitive work injuries and even reduce the time that employees get sick due to head, shoulder, back and arm pain. The easiest way to start your search is to find a chair that is easy to adjust, especially in terms of height and seat inclination.

The design

High-end chairs tell your customers that you are a cutting-edge luxury brand. Traditional office chairs can fully illustrate the classic nature of your business. Leather tends to convey corporate, closed board style; mesh and/or aluminum chairs say modern, fresh and youthful.

Overall comfort

Just because an office chair provides a lot of ergonomic features-or a lot of extra bells and whistles-doesn’t necessarily mean it will feel great. This is why buying a chair without testing is risky. For example, a product that promises lumbar support may be very comfortable or very uncomfortable, depending on the position, firmness and adjustment level of the support.

Base stability

One of the most overlooked factors when buying an office chair is simple and basic: the base of the chair. First, you can choose a chair with or without wheels. From an ergonomic point of view, it is recommended to use wheels to facilitate movement on the workstation, but a good swivel chair can also provide this additional function.


Staff and work spaces come in various sizes, and office chairs need to accommodate all of them. In general, the seat of a chair should be 15 to 17 inches from the back of the chair to the front edge of the chair. It must be long enough for you to wear it comfortably. The same is true for seat width. The width of the seat should be enough for your thighs to fit easily without touching the armrest base. Approximately 18 inches is the typical width of a seat suitable for various users.

Overall durability

Office chairs can be a major investment, so consider overall durability. After all, chairs are usually the workhorse of daily work, if you must choose wisely beforehand. Check the durability, strength and stability of the following areas: chair bases, armrests, seat backs, tilt mechanisms, casters, foot loops, swivel systems, and long-term seat impacts.


When most people choose fabrics for office chairs, they will consider how well it matches the office decoration and how it relates to personal preferences/dislikes. But you may also need to consider whether the fabric is breathable and easy to clean. Cloth is one of the most breathable fabrics; fabrics such as vinyl and leather tend to absorb body heat and reduce air circulation.

The padding

Many ergonomic experts recommend variants with padded edges and rounded front edges on all sides. This type of pad helps protect the blood circulation in the user’s legs. However, as with many office chairs, remember that not all fillers are created equal. Look for a cushion that allows air to circulate. Also test the hardness, because a chair that is too soft can cause back muscle strain and fatigue.

What is the cost of swim spas?


Swimming spas are a great alternative to traditional above-ground or underground swimming pools. They not only allow you to swim all year round, but also provide soothing massage therapy seats and swimming systems. But how does their cost compare to the cost of more traditional swimming pools? Today, we will look at the cost of buying swimming spas and what their ongoing costs are.

So how much does the swimming spa cost?

Most swimming spas sold in Canada will cost you from US$10,000 to US$50,000. As you can imagine, there is a big difference between a $10,000 swimming spa and a $50,000 swimming spa. In order to better understand what you can get with your money, let us further subdivide this range.

High-end swimming spa prices

High-end swimming spas are superior to mid-range swimming spas in several ways.

  • Size. High-end swimming spas are usually larger than other swimming spas.
  • Swimming experience. Compared with other swimming spas, the highest quality components are used to provide a stronger, wider, and smoother swimming experience.
  • Options. The high-end swimming spa also includes additional spa and fitness options not available in other swimming spas. Some also provide dual temperature control. You can set one side of the swimming spa to a comfortable swimming temperature and the other side to a temperature that is more suitable for the spa.

Hecate Spa Model

Low-end swimming spa prices

In most cases, swimming spas that cost between US$10,000 and US$20,000 are considered low-end swimming spas. These swimming spas are usually designed and constructed to reduce costs. Most are built overseas using the cheapest materials. In most cases, instead of using nozzles and pumps specifically designed for swimming spas, common components most commonly found in cheap hot tubs are used, resulting in a very mediocre swimming and massage experience.

Their filtration system is also designed for hot tubs, not designed to effectively clean the water in the swimming spa. This leads to high energy bills because the filtration system must work around the clock to clean the water.

Mermaid Spa Model

Mermaid Spa Model

Mid-range swimming spa prices

Most swimming spas found in USA are in the mid-range category; the cost is between US$25,000 and US$35,000. These swimming spas are usually manufactured in China, with higher overall manufacturing quality and a more reliable warranty. Most mid-range swimming spas also use equipment specifically designed for swimming spas. Components such as pumps, swimming nozzles, and diverters are specially made for swimming, providing a better experience than low-end swimming spas that use hot tub components.

Pallas Spa Model

Pallas Spa Model

If you want to know more about the swimming spa for sale, please contact the representative of the swimming spa on to find out which model is right for you. Our qualified sales staff will help you better understand swimming spa prices and can help you find swimming spas for sale in your area.

Office Chair Factory: What qualities depict a quality office chair?


A good number of people these days are compelled to work for longer hours, tied up to their chairs. An uncomfortable chair is likely to cause health issues over time. You are likely to get out of shape, become overweight and develop various types of health issues. Leading a sedentary lifestyle will only cause health problems. The truth is sitting for prolonged hours in an uncomfortable chair will only create lots of problems. The common health issues noticed are neck pains, back problems, body aches etc. all resulting from poor body posture. But such issues can be avoided by considering buying an ergonomic office chair purchased from a reliable Office Chair Factory.


Guidelines to select a good office chair

You should not rush with your purchase of just any office chair that you come across. Rather, you need to do a thorough research and follow some useful guidelines to make the right selection. Since you are to spend a good amount of time sitting on the chair, buy only quality ones from the reputed Office Chair Manufacturer. Do not compromise quality for price. Hence, choose wisely.

Office Chair Factory

Office Chair Factory

Back support

You should get adequate back support from your new chair. It should be adjustable enough to fit your back perfectly. Its back support is to remain as you move as well as recline on it. A good quality chair is one that comes with a good back support. You can purchase such chairs from the top rated portals like Using such chairs is sure to enhance your posture as well as reduce/eliminate stiffness and back pain. The office chair without having adequate back support will only result in back injuries that is likely to stay throughout your life.


Armrest and seat width

Remember, the chair you buy should fit your body perfectly. If there emerges a need to squeeze your body in the chair, then it is not comfortable. Moreover, no room should be present between your body and the armrests. Besides this, the armrests are to interact with your desk. The quality chair purchased from a certified Office Chair Supplier is likely to be fitted with adjustable armrests. If they are uncomfortable or not useable, then there is no use in having such armrests. It is only quality armrests that can serve the intended purpose like writing and reading. It will also allow taking off tension and pressure from your shoulders and back.

Office Chair Manufacturer

Office Chair Manufacturer


You should purchase only from an Office Chair Manufacturer having been in the domain for quite a long time. The seat design and padding should also be taken into consideration. Seat front is to have round edge. Straight horizontal front is likely to cut of circulation of knee backside. You should be in a position slide fingers between interior part of your legs and the seat’s front edge.


Height adjustments

It is necessary to understand that people are of different heights. Hence, discuss with the Office Furniture Manufacture about height adjustment. It should allow comfortable height adjustment with proper posture.

What to look for when purchasing the office furniture?


The offices usually tend one of the most organized and professional places around. This is why it is important to have the right settings and ambience in the office that promotes good work culture and inspires people to work hard. The furniture in the office involves different types of items and tools which includes cabinets, chairs, desks, tables and other utility accessories.

office furniture

office furniture

The different types of office furniture

A lot of the office work tends to be done on the desks and hence it is important to have an efficient desk that is conducive to maximum productivity and provides the employees with the most comfort and ease. There are several things to look for when purchasing a desk including the size of the desk, shape of the desk, color, pattern and the texture of the desk amongst other factors. You must choose a desk that best suits the requirements of your office work. The desk should also have a good appearance, have easy portability and provide good value for your money.

Office Furniture Factory

Office Furniture Factory

Most of the offices have a few office tables that contain drawers for tucking away the different stuff in the office. These tables are also used for writing the crucial documents, for handling temporary files and tracing the files. Again you must look at your requirements and choose the most appropriate table based on that.

The chairs are another important part of office furniture that is indispensable and very vital in the overall scheme of things. The majority of the employees spend maximum time on the chairs and thus chairs need to be of excellent and provide high efficiency throughout their lifecycle. Ideally the chair should have customizable height for employees with different requirements and they should be comfortable enough to lend the necessary ease to the employees when working. The chair also must be sufficiently robust to provide high durability and it also must have adjustable back rest for customization as per the employee requirements.

The cabinets are generally used for the purpose of filling folders, books, files, and papers amongst other stuff. The cabinets are available in different types of materials and you have to ensure that the cabinets that you purchase for your office must be strong and gives excellent durability.

High quality office furniture provided by MIGE

There are numerous manufacturers in the market that produce and offer top quality, premium office furniture wholesale and sell them at good rates for the consumers. If you are looking to purchase the office furniture then it is important that you look at the furniture from different brands before finalizing your decision. Ideally you must choose a furniture that gives you best value for your money so purchasing the office desk wholesale or office chair wholesale at factory rates is a good idea. The customer support and post sales service are another important factors to consider before purchasing the office furniture.

The MIGE are one of the best office furniture providers in the market with considerable experience and highly efficient range of office furniture products. The specializes in the manufacturing and distribution of the metal furniture and the middle grade panel. The company has provided world class service in the production of the office furniture like reception desks, sofas, conference desks, coffee tables and much more.

If you are interested in these office furniture products then you can browse through their product catalog and check out the various details related to those products.