Three major reasons to consider not reusing or cleaning the Air Purifiers for Home with HEPA Filter


There are manufactured appliances to serve various purposes. One such appliance that is fast becoming a necessity in every household, office and commercial complex is the hepa air purifier. A few units are said to be fitted with washable fitters. Electrostatic air purifiers, for instance, are considered to be low maintenance units. The filters are designed to be washed several times, conveniently. This means, you do not have to worry for a long time to carry out costly replacements. Thus, you can save ample money and use it trouble-free and breathe in fresh, pure air.


Why invest in hepa air purifier for home?

HEPA filters are worth the investment. This is because they are effective enough to eliminate 99.97% of the particles found in air. Experts however advise new and existing air purifier owners to not reuse their disposable HEPA filter.

hepa air purifier for home

hepa air purifier for home

Reasons to know

There does exist genuine reasons, some of which are given below:

Avoid playing with them: Using any kind of technique for cleaning the filters will only mean damaging the units. If damaged, then the unit cannot be expected to perform proper filtering functions. Hence, you should not play with or touch the disposable filters. Remember, branded hepa air purifier for allergies are expensive and so are their parts. The solution here will be to get the filters replaced immediately if they get dirty or show signs of damage or wear & tear. It is not at all a wise idea to try saving money on the old filter. Doing so will only risk your family’s health.


Avoid vacuuming them: In case you have plans to vacuum filters, then do think again. They have a strong fibre that is designed to attract and catch 99% airborne particles. If the hepa air purifier for pets gets clogged, then it is not possible to clean without hiring the professionals. Hence, avoid vacuuming the units. It is simply impossible to suck dirt away from the units.

Air Purifiers for Home with HEPA Filter

Air Purifiers for Home with HEPA Filter

Avoid washing them: You are simply making a major mistake by planning to wash the filters. Water may help clean dirty filters. But in the process they tend to create moisture. Air purifiers are generally installed to eliminate odour and mould formation in the rooms. Cleaning purifiers will only mean encouraging mould growth. Moisture in these filters is likely to support mould growth. It also leads spore generation, thereby spreading them throughout the room. You can get more idea by checking websites like Water if used might cause the filter with serious damage. Whatever be the technique you use to dry the filters, it is likely to remain wet. Thus, the filters will not be able to function properly as expected since they have contacted water. Hence, the only safe way to ensure the hepa air purifier for dust lasts long is to replace the existing filter with a new one.


Therefore, following the above tips will enable you to derive max from your Air Purifiers for Home with HEPA Filter.

What are the Benefits of Buying Kitchenware Directly from Factory?


Companies determine prices by taking into account their overhead expenses. It is no secret that there are several expenses met by manufacturers before the final product, say a kitchen rack, is rolled out and shipped. However, there are other expenses like commission to agents, wholesalers, distributors, and retailers, including shipping and advertisements. It generally makes the price of a unit of product go up significantly. To avoid such expenses, many customers try to purchase their products straight from the factory before additional charges are added.


However, it is not easy to get products at factory prices as the manufacturing unit may be situated in another far-off country. In this context and to remove any confusion, Kitchenware China quotes all their products at factory prices. It is of immense help to customers worldwide, and you may find more such details right here at so that you can place your order for any kitchen items at a very low cost.

Kitchenware China

Kitchenware China

Wide Range of Quality Kitchenware

Yesying Kitchenware is of high-quality, and you can order them online without any hassles. It is also part of the company’s policy to give good discounts for bulk orders. The larger the quantity of kitchenware ordered from the site, the more is the discount offered. Clients can expect good returns on their business as they can sell these top-quality kitchen items in their towns very easily.


The stores offer a very wide range of kitchen items, and you may choose by clicking on the picture and adding it to your cart. You may otherwise contact their staff for doing business as a homeware Supplier in your city. The prices of products and specific discounts would be available from professional staff of the company.


The company has also made good advancements in other areas and has established its own Bathroomware Factory in China. Customers can now shop for a complete range of wares from a single household manufacturer rather than go to different suppliers for each set of products.


You may order even simple items like a kitchen basket or a kitchen holder from the site at low prices. Yesying is also a top kitchen basket supplier in the world today.



Customized Solutions, OEM and ODM Services

The company is offering services to other manufacturers for making use of their products for suitable branding. Services like OEM and ODM help the company to expand its customer base even further. For these reasons, the customers can get smaller items like racks or holders at kitchen rack Factory prices.


All shipping and delivery of products are timely scheduled on a priority basis. The kitchenware China packing and delivering section scrutinizes each of these products before they leave the factory. As kitchen holder Manufacturer of the world, they leave no stones unturned when it comes to quality.

Which are the best LED desk lamps in the market?


The indoor lighting is one of the most important aspects of home designing and it is crucial that you have good quality solutions for maximum productivity as well as aesthetics. There are several brands and manufacturers in the market that provide high quality lighting solutions through their different products. When choosing home lighting solutions it is always recommended to choose reliable products that are manufactured by well known and renowned brands in the market. A bit of research on different products in the market and comparison of their features as well as specs can go a long way in ensuring that you get the best product.


Why should you choose Ezvalo for your home lighting solutions?

Established in 2018, Ezvalo is one of the most popular names in the industry with a slew of top class home lighting solutions for the consumers. The range of smart products from the company provides excellent lighting in every corner of the house for the customers. If you want maximum productivity then Ezvalo is constantly focused on the creation of ideally crafted smart-home lighting equipments for transforming your personal space as per your requirements. The company is developing products which has the potential of improving lives for everyone involved.

led small desk lamp

led small desk lamp

The essence of is represented and symbolized by the feeling of Hygge. This essentially means a creation of warm atmosphere plus enjoyment of the good stuff in life. The candlelight’s warm glow is hygge. Getting cozy with your loved ones for the move is also an example of hygge. And there is no bigger example of hygge than sitting along with the family and friends, talking about different things in life. This is essentially the feeling which Ezvalo wants to transmit to the customers via their products.


The top quality LED desk lamps from Ezvalo

Ezvalo is one of the highly reliable manufacturers in the market that is trusted by consumers across the board. The premium quality LED desk lamp produced and sold by Ezvalo includes EZVALO Smart desk lamp, EZVALO E-reading music lamp and Hand wave activated Under Cabinet light – 23.5″ aluminum amongst others. Let us have a look at one of these products in more detail.


EZVALO Smart desk lamp: The EZVALO smart LED desk lamp with wireless charging is basically the multi-purpose desk lamp that has the capability of transforming into various modes for leisure and precision work. This optical solution provides support to the step-less dimming and the CCT adjustment. This product comes patented with unique-lens design which provides high-brightness even wavelength and flicker-free lighting.


Specifications: This lamp comes with 8.5 W rated power with a center brightness of 800 Lux and color temperature of 2700k-6500k which is adjustable. It comes with a color rendering index of Ra>90, 95 max. It has smart compatibility with Amazon, Google Home, Alexa, Tuya smart and home assistant.

Hepa UVC Air Purifier: 8 Factors to consider to select the best device for your home


Hepa UVC Air Purifier is gaining sales across the globe. This is because of the growing concerns for rising pollution in the atmosphere. Even the air is polluted within the home. This means, your beloved children, other family members and pets are not safe. Hence, the Home Air Cleaner you plan to buy should live up to your set expectations.

There are a few factors that you need to take into consideration during the selection process. If you ignore them, then chances are you might end up choosing the wrong type, thus wasting time, energy and money.

8 factors to consider when selecting China Hepa UVC Air Purifier

ACH: It is a term used for ACH rating or Air Changes / hour. Deriving this reading will allow you to get a clear idea of the frequency of air present in the room that can be exchanged by the unit. A device with 6 rating, for example, has the capability to exchange air by about 6 times within an hour. You should choose a reputed Air Purifier Manufacturer to make the final purchase.

China Hepa UVC Air Purifier

China Hepa UVC Air Purifier

Coverage area: Check out with the Home Air Cleaner Manufacturer to understand what type of unit to buy to purify the air in your room. For this, you need to measure the coverage area of your room.

Price: Prices of such appliances is based on the brand, unit strength and its size and design. Bigger ones are quite expensive as they are designed to provide coverage to large rooms. You can shop at to get quality products and enjoy huge discounts.

CADR: It means ‘Clean Air Delivery Rate’. This reading provides a clear idea of the amount of air purified by the unit at a particular point of time. It also specifies how well air is purified. Buy a good unit from a well-established Air Purifier Factory.

Air Purifier Manufacturer China

Air Purifier Manufacturer China

Noise level: Branded Air Purifier Manufacturer will provide units that do not make much noise. But some units are prone to consume huge amount of electricity and also are quite loud. Before placing order, remember to check noise level to ensure peaceful environment at home.

Filter replacements: For HEPA filters, you need to know filter replacement cost. Replacement has to be done separately for which you may have to call the Air Purifier Supplier to send a technician.

Air pollution: A few units might produce ozone, thereby polluting air. This, in turn, might cause lung irritation, thus making it harmful for kids, the elderly and pets alike. Air Purifier Factory China can provide you with a device that is completely safe to be used in your home.

Energy usage: The unit type purchased will determine its consumption rate. Air purifiers are designed to run constantly for hours. Hence, it will be essential to check out the machine’s energy usage. You can take help of the Air Purifier Manufacturer China. Mechanical air filters are generally designed to burn about 200W while smaller units consume just 50W.

Discuss with the Air Purifier Supplier China about your specific preferences to make the right purchase.

Is Alkaline water ionizer a valuable investment to derive better health?


These days, people are more educated on the different water-borne diseases that are spread across the globe. To tackle, such situation, many companies have started to come up with different types of water purifiers and filters, meant for various segments. Whatever be your budget and geographical location, you are sure to get hold of something that fits your specific requirements. But you should not rush with the purchase. Rather, you need to know what is being offered, check thoroughly its specifications and invest in something that offers you good health as promised by its manufacturer.

ionized water machine

Alkaline water ionzier

This is the latest technology introduced in the market by reputed manufacturers who understand the greater need to protect health. Most diseases arise from water. With water precious element getting polluted with different substances, the human body finds it difficult to digest it. The water you and your family should consume should be absolutely pure devoid of harmful particles and have in it all useful minerals. You can rely on alkaline-based ionizer as it filters as well as charges the tap water, thus providing better health. However, it is an expensive product.

Pure water for your body

Water is an essential substance without which no human being or animals can survive. It is crucial for survival along with oxygen. Without food, you can perhaps live for several days or even months. But water is required in sufficient quantities throughout the day. It helps lubricate your joints, purifies the system, as well as allows the cells to intake essential nutrients. Water is also required to carry out various other functions in the body. It includes overall better health, detoxification, healing and weight loss.

By installing the Water ionizer, you can convert the regular tap into an amazing source of pure water filled with minerals required by your body regularly. It is also tasty, filling and powerful. You are sure to feel the difference right from the very drop that you take in your mouth. After having water from this ionizer, you are sure to love drinking it again and again as well as not want to drink from other sources. Even your children and pets will love having this water.

This special factor cannot be felt in other water source types, since well water, bottle water, reverse osmosis, distilled and regular tap water are found to be acidic in nature. Drinking water from such sources only increases your body’s already overloaded acid content. This, in turn, causes damage to your body cells and results in sickness and other unwanted ailment.

How Ionized water machine can help derive better health?

• Drinking water form this specially designed machine helps your body to get super hydrated.
• Tiny molecule clusters get absorbed powerfully in your body.
• It is not acidic, but alkaline in nature, thereby neutralizing acids present in the body.
• Your body is also detoxified continuously, thereby removing excess acids present in your body, thus balancing it perfectly.
• Water that is alkaline ionized is super rich in oxygen, something that is desperately desired by your body.
• It is also rich in antioxidants, much more than supplements, green tea and foods.
• It helps to eliminate pesticides present in food.
• You can save good amount of money that otherwise would have been wasted on buying home cleaning supplies.
• It is completely natural.
• It can be termed to be the very best health insurance that you can derive from the market these days.
• When compared to bottled water, it is much safer and also less expensive in the long run.

It is quite obvious that pollution, stress, chemicals including simple process that the humans undergo at the time of food metabolizing results in production of excess acids. People do spend a lot on supplements believing it will offer them myriads of health benefits. But the truth is that the human body is acidic in nature, such that it cannot be absorbing them fully.

You need to pay attention to what you and your family are drinking. Why not invest in something that can cure of your ailments and keep your family in good shape.