Epic places to tour in Xinjiang Province, China


China is a beautiful country with several provinces with diverse climatic and land patterns. It is indeed worth the time and money to visit any province in China. But the one that has been compelling tourists of all ages to visit in huge numbers is Xinjiang. It is reported that Xinjiang Tour is one of the most popular tours conducted here by reputed travel agents.

Top places to be during Xinjiang Trip

1. Turpan
It is considered to one of the jewels of Xinjiang province, boasting of rich history, specific geographical value and unique local culture. It is not only Xinjiang, but Asia, lowest cities. It is located besides Xinjiang’s lowest point, namely, the Turpan Depression. It is approximately 157m below sea level. It is an exciting place to be for geography lovers. It is home to several civilizations, kingdoms and people. You can come across vineyards everywhere around the city. Hence, it is also referred to as ‘City of Grapes’. You can indulge in the following during the trip:

• Gaochang (Karakhoja): This was once a glorious city, now abandoned located east of Turpan.
• Jiaohe (Yarkhoto) ruins: You can find the magnificent ruins of an ancient city that is known to have existed about 3 millennia ago. The desert winds have since blown over and occupied the city.
• Emin Minaret: It is the main landmark of Turpin and an 18th century jewel.
• Karez Wells: This water supply system is present close to Turpan’s centre.

Urumqi Tour

Urumqi Tour

2. Urumqi

It is currently the capital of Xinjiang and is a mega city having 3.5+ million people including modern skyscrapers. However, it is counted among the planet’s remotest cities. As per Guinness World Records, it is the farthest city located away from the ocean coast and close to Asia’s geographic centre. You need to make sure to booking the Best Urumqi Tours to make the most of the trip. It is among those modern cities not known for any ‘old town’ or ancient history culture. Rather, it is constructed in Han style. You can walk around the parks and streets to get a feel of the local atmosphere. During your Urumqi Tour, make sure to visit the following places:

• Asia’s Geographic Centre: This monument is located about 20km southwest to the city and a favourite among geographical lovers.
• Autonomous Region Museum: You can get to know the region’s history from the government version including the Silk Road.

3. Tashkurgan

You may perhaps have heard about the Karakoram Highway that passes through Earth’s highest border, namely Khunjerab. This heavenly road is said to start from Kashgar, cross Karakoram and Pamir mountains and passes between Hindukush and Himalaya mountains. Finally, it descends into Pakistan’s Indus River Valley. This picturesque highland town is considered to be Xinjiang Section in the Karakoram Section’s last city. This small town is established at a height of about 3,100m above sea level close to the borders of Tajiskistan, Afghanistan and Pakistan. It is here the Pamir Mountain meets the Karakoram. It is located towards China’s extreme west and the local Pamiri Tajiks’ main settlement. Close to Tashkurgan, you can get a wonderful view of some of the picturesque mountains like Pamir’s highest peaks, namely, Muztagh Ata and Kongur Tagh. They are both over 7,500m high. You can also check out Karakul Lake, the place where you can view the reflection of Muztagh Ata in its crystal clear waters.

4. Kashgar

This is another gorgeous city located on the crossroads of the Silk Road routes. This remote Uyghur settlement is surrounded by the Earth’s highest mountains and deserts. It is also rich in history but without any ghostly ancient remains. However, Xinjiang Tour is incomplete if you miss out this city. You can indulge in the following during the trip:

• Kashgar’s Old Town: Although not an original ‘old town’, a replica can be found at the new place. For this purpose, the original one had been destroyed to develop a unique and appealing cultural atmosphere.
• Afaq Khoja Mausoleum: This is regarded to be a Uyghur traditional design and architectural masterpiece.
• Yusuf Khas Haji Tomb is another place to visit.

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