How to choose the right dress for your body shape


Women want to feel comfortable when wearing them and look gorgeous at the same time. In order to get both, it is absolutely crucial to choose a dress that makes your body shape and skin tone more flattering. It can hide any trouble spots you may encounter while highlighting the powerful functions of your body. In addition, you should make sure that it is made of comfortable materials, because it is difficult to feel good in clothes with static electricity. Take a look at some of the tips we provide to help you find the right clothes.

Oval figure

If your body is oval, you need to use an elegant V neckline to highlight the upper part of your body. A flowing empire maxi dress with a curved waist will help you get a perfect look.


With this body shape, you can create the illusion of curves. This can be achieved by using accessories such as belts to achieve a certain waist circumference. For this type of body, a bold skirt pattern and a conspicuous neckline are also good ideas.

Hourglass dress

The shape of the hourglass is often described as curved. Women with this shape usually have roughly the same measurements of bust and hips. Their bust, hips and thighs are fuller, and the bottom is rounded. They are symmetrical (which means that their legs and torso are approximately the same length), and their stature can be described as balanced. Celebrities of this type include JLo, Christina Hendricks and Beyonce!

Pear-shaped dress

The body shape of a pear is usually characterized by large hips and thighs. The body shape of pears usually has narrow shoulders, which means that their hips are usually wider than shoulders. A pear shape usually has a more defined waist and a defined curve of the hips, a larger bottom and a more rounded shape. Celebrities with this figure include Kim Kardashian, Rhianna and Kate Winslet.

Triangular or pear-shaped figures

If your body shape is this way, your shoulders and torso will be narrow, your waist will be smaller, and your hips will be larger. Like an oval figure, a triangular body shape can also benefit from using an imperial dress or an A-line style to highlight the upper part of the body. The elegantly decorated neckline will make your eyes hover over the top of your body, while the bottom is hidden under an elegant draped skirt.

After finding the most suitable dresses, you may want to start thinking about adding suitable accessories. Ladies designer watches can go a long way and can add elegance, elegance and sophistication to any style. Consider what suits your personality best. After all, you want to feel great in your clothes, which is only possible when you embrace your identity.