Get to know about Nook Miles and how to buy Nook Miles Ticket


If you are also a fan of the Animal Crossing: New Horizons game, then you must be aware of the newly added feature, Nook Miles. From catching bugs and fishes to selling them, adding local animals as new friends, digging fossils, and upgrading your house, all these ACNH items make this game quite interesting. But now with Nook Miles, you can even land on different deserted islands also. This new feature has made Animal Crossing: New Horizons more interesting and fun.

animal crossing items

animal crossing items

What are Nook Miles?

Nook Miles are the reward points that one can earn by completing several tasks in this game. The good part is that you can use these reward points for unlocking various features, characters, and for buying many ANCH items too. In other words, we can say that Nook Miles is the other form of currency like Animal Crossing Bells.

It can be used to progress in Animal Crossing: New Horizons and you can even upgrade your house using Nook Miles. Another benefit of Nook Miles is that it can be used to buy Nook Miles Ticket. If you want to get a lot of goodies and new items, then learn how to earn Nook Miles.

How to earn Nook Miles?

Earning Nook Miles is not that tricky, as you can simply earn them by doing a lot of tasks. Participate in activities like fishing, or crafting items or bugs catching. The more you will get involved in these tasks, the more nook miles you will earn. If you will complete all these activities regularly, you will get more nook miles. Go ahead and check the daily tasks to know what all you can do for earning more nook miles. Another way of earning nook miles is by visiting the Nook Stop Terminal. Start with this task regularly and with every passing day, you will earn more nook miles for a whole week.

After moving to your house from a tent by paying a 5000 Nook Miles Vacation fee, you will get the Nook Miles+ feature too. With Nook Miles+, you will keep getting new tasks continuously and after completing them, you can earn unlimited Nook Mile rewards. Discover more ways to earn Nook Miles by visiting this site

animal crossing items

Advantage of Nook Miles in buying Nook Miles Ticket

The biggest advantage of Nook Miles is that one can buy Nook Miles Ticket using it. You will have to spend only 2000 Nook Miles to get one Nook Mile Ticket. It is a plane ticket for heading towards a randomly selected deserted island. By visiting these new islands, you can easily get rich, so visit here, and get a Nook Miles Ticket.

You will get different types of supplies at these new islands, away from your island. From picking up flowers to planting new trees, collecting furniture to harvesting bamboo, you will get to a lot. You can even sell many of these Animal Crossing items which you collect on these islands to get more Nook Miles. You can also invite villagers of these islands to your home. A good part about Nook Miles Ticket is that after exploring one island you can head towards another the same day. This means you can buy n number of Nook Miles Tickets in a day.

So, what are you thinking? Just start earning Nook Miles today to make your game more all the more interesting and fun to play.