What should you know about cellular signal amplifier to make the right selection?

cell phone signal booster for home

cell phone signal booster for home

With people owning more than one cellular phone, boosters or amplifiers as they are known as have been enjoying great popularity in recent years. It is in huge demand in both urban and rural markets. But it is important to know their legal status and ability.

About mobile phone signal booster

The cellular booster can be termed to be ‘Federal Communications Commission (FCC) certified electronic equipment. It is designed to enhance existing 2G, 3G, 4G LTE, 5G networks. They may work on any of the 5G devices available in the market. The select models helps boost 5G signal. These boosters basically are termed to be legal devices to enhance call quality, offer fast data speeds and weak cell signals.

cell phone signal booster for home

cell phone signal booster for home

The cellular signal amplifier can prove to be more than useful if there are usable signal right outside the office building, home or vehicle. However, the signal may be weak inside or not get reach. The booster improves signal strength and cell service.

The idea of using the amplifier is to eliminate unsent text messages, slow data speeds and dropped phone calls without requiring staying connected to a Wi-Fi. Also, there is no need to argue with or switch the carrier.

Its functioning

The cell booster is also referred to as cell phone repeater, signal amplifier or signal extender. It pulls weak signals found externally and then boosts it as well as rebroadcasts boosted signal to desired areas. It also is found to work in reverse. The booster is designed to receive the phone’s signal and send the same back to tower.


There are available diverse types of boosters in the market to target varied needs.

  • Vehicle Signal Boosters: These have been designed to be used in fleet vehicles, boats, SUVs, RVs, trucks and cars.
  • In-building Signal Boosters: These have been designed to be used in office buildings, homes, commercial buildings as well as other buildings requiring effective signal.
  • cell phone signal booster for home

    cell phone signal booster for home

You can check out the different categories at the reputed portals like https://www.hiboost.com/.

To ensure smooth functioning of the cellular amplifier, an existing signal should be present outside the vehicle, home or office. The booster picks up this signal and enhances it further, but is not designed to create it.

Most booster kits comprise of three major elements like:

  • Indoor antenna: It is used for rebroadcasting and to improve signal inside the car, office and home.
  • Amplifier: It helps boost weak signals.
  • External antenna: It captures weak mobile phone signals.

The top 3 elements are connected by Coax cables. They have been designed to deliver long distance high frequency electrical signals, but with reduced signal loss.

Pros of using a signal booster

  • Eliminate poor call quality, dropped calls, poor reception, sluggish net connections and slow text messages.
  • These boosters are designed to rock absolutely even on getting ‘enough’ poor quality 4G and 3G signals.
  • Lifetime tech support.
  • Reputed manufacturers generally offer 2-3 year warranty on the product
  • No monthly fees. Requires one-time purchase and investment only.

It is for the above reasons that investing in cell phone amplifiers does make great sense.