How to purchase FIFA 21 Coins PC the legal way?


It is necessary to understand it is not a wide decision to Buy Cheap FIFA COINS as it goes against the game’s Terms & Conditions. But if you desire to go ahead with the coin buying/earning process, you need to do it the correct way. Getting scammed is perhaps the worst thing to happen, which unfortunately is common in this game like any other online game.

Methods to buy Cheap FUT COINS

Comfort trade: You need to provide your account credentials only to a well-established coins seller. They will transfer the coins as had agreed upon.

Player auction: You are free to sell any of your unwanted players at the auction for the maximum bidding price. This automatically corresponds to the FUT coin amount present in your order.



FIFA Auction House: You may list down all worthless players that are currently in your profile at the auction house. Interested seller might want to buy these players or an individual player as desired, thereby transferring coins to your account.

Mule Account: You get hold of an account where the desired FIFA coins amount is deposited. Once done, you are free to take full control of the transfer.
How to be safe when dealing in cheap FIFA Packs?

Ensure safe transactions: Online sales do involve a variety of risks. If you choose to deal with some unknown seller offering a fictitious product, then your risks only get bigger. You need to follow all safety recommendations. Use PayPal for transactions instead of your credit card. Also ensure dealing with only trustworthy and reliable sellers and not some complete stranger. Avoid giving out your personal information or other details.

FIFA 21 Coins

FIFA 21 Coins

Avoid buying from strangers: You need to abide by the EA rules and regulations for your own safety. Purchasing coins is undoubtedly dangerous. It is necessary to understand that this game is completely independent from the transaction you plan to make. Hence, if the deal goes wrong, then you cannot simply complain anywhere as it is your mistake. Avoid giving out account information to any person. Rather, choose to purchase from a seller boasting of having positive feedback and testimonials like

Find out who is likely to cover the 5 percent: This is a crucial aspect that you need to take into consideration. All transactions carried out within the FUT auction house need to pay 5% as tax due to EA. Hence, determine if this tax amount is covered by the seller or not.

Determine the number of FIFA 21 Coins desired: Know what you want. In case, you buy excess coins, then you are likely to waste your precious money for nothing. Again, if you have less of coins, then you will be required to buy much more, but without deriving the discounts. You can get reduced prices for bigger coin amounts. Determine if you desire to purchase coins at a time or make recurring purchases.

Hence, doing some research will allow you to get FIFA 21 Coins PC at affordable rates.