8 Methods to Buy Cheapest Sneakers Online


I have always liked sneakers, but collecting them was too expensive, so I had to stop. However, my recent diagnosis of Raynaud’s syndrome is a good excuse to start getting more, because I now need to use multiple socks to keep my feet warm. High heels are no longer popular in cold weather, so I usually wear sneakers as much as possible (all bad things always have a good side!).

Finding bargains is the favorite pastime of the Jun family and mine, so I am proud to unpack a pair of brand new Adidas Falcons last Christmas, thanks to Jun’s brother (thanks, Miles!). During December, Adidas sold them for $50, so he grabbed a pair of exactly the same size I wanted! Where can buy cheapest sneankers online? Are they reliable?

This brings me to the main topic of this article: I always buy discounted sports shoes, even Jordan shoes. Although some sneaker snobs may conclude that I am buying fake shoes or cheaper remakes of popular styles, but I can assure you that I got the real deal.

Years ago, I used to line up with my friends for the newest Jordan, the next Yeezy. I already bought a pair of Yeezys on my computer (they were harder to buy at the time). What I learned from collecting shoes is that, in the final analysis, this is a very expensive hobby that most people simply cannot afford.


Fortunately, there are several different ways to buy sneakers at a price lower than the retail price. Just like collecting shoes, finding discounts is an art form that requires patience and a little time. The following are some of my most frequently tried and true tips for buying shoes.

#1: Always look for coupon codes

Online retailers always have promotions. If you’ve never shopped on a website before, chances are they might even have coupons that are only used to create an account or subscribe to an email newsletter. Try searching for a coupon code online and try to punch it in at the checkout.

Also, if you don’t have Rakuten CashBack Browser Extension, you need it! Clicking this button before checkout allows you to collect cash back from thousands of popular online retailers. Once your balance is added up, you can deposit the cash back check into your bank account!

Reward: Sometimes coupons can be superimposed! You never know until you try.

#2: If you are not picky about colors, you are more likely to buy at a discount

Some colors are more coveted than others, which means that less popular colors may go on sale. If you are not picky about colors and just want styles, then you have more sales options.

#3: If you are a female, you are likely to shop in the youth area

I wear women’s sneakers in size 7, which is a fairly average size for women. This means that the youth size is 5.5. Therefore, if you are nearby, chances are you can shop in the youth area. Compared to men’s sizes, youth size shoes are much cheaper and still a few dollars cheaper than women’s sizes. Jordan shoes usually sell for about US$169 among men, but I can buy them for US$129. Even at the retail price, this saves me US$40. If you wait a few more months, their prices will definitely drop even lower! Patience can usually get me about $90 or so.

Bonus: Because most sneaker collectors are men, you can more easily find the latest color matching in small sizes!

#4: Try on shoes in the store, but shop online

We all know very well that the most popular shoes of big companies like Adidas and Nike will hardly be sold in stores. This is why I choose to make most (if not all) purchases online. But what use are the shoes that don’t fit? Visit the local retailer of the shoe style you are interested in, no matter what color they have in stock, you can try it on anyway. Once you know your actual shoe size, you can buy it online.

Bonus: You don’t have to fight or line up for hours in the store!
Bonus: Not all sports shoes are suitable. It is very important to try on shoes in person before buying!

#5: Try an online outlet streetwear retailer

Sites such as Karmaloop and Caliroots specialize in streetwear and footwear at discounted prices. These stores are my favorite online outlet stores, and I bought some very beautiful sneakers from each one.

#6: Try to find some major sneaker deals at ROSS

My boyfriend’s brother was so lucky to find sneakers in our local Ross store. His latest choice: Adidas Samba snow boots usually sell for $250, and they are now $20! He recently bought a pair of Nike Air Command Force for my boyfriend for $65 (usually $200). Another great steal!

#7: If you don’t mind second-hand shoes, Pkgodsneakers will provide classic models

Last year I was looking for a pair of Jordan Retro 4s in military blue. Retros were released in 2006 and never appeared on store shelves after they were sold out. I saw them on Pkgodsneakers for about US$400, and almost gave up my pursuit. However, after digging through more Pkgodsneakers listings, I bought a pair of rarely used items for $130. Of course, in the Youth size, this was originally a brand new price-but since this is a rare color combination, I still save a lot of money compared to other color combinations that are on sale.

#8: Wait until the end of the season

Once the latest color scheme is released, people always flock to buy it. I used to do this because of excitement, but the more I persisted in this habit, the more money I wasted. It’s always a great feeling to have the latest sneakers, but buying them at launch is not worth the potential savings at all. A few months later, new colors will come out and retailers will sell old colors. Unless it is a limited edition, it is very likely that you will find a retailer whose size is the same as yours.

In addition, Pkgodsneakers now prides itself on being one of the best places to get new products, exclusive color matching and limited releases (both second-hand and new) online. If you are lucky the first time and have FOMO, you can get a second chance on Pkgodsneakers.

You have it! I have done all the above work and have some great discoveries. What methods have you tried that worked for you so far? Let’s chat in the comments!