Why are COB Encapsulation Materials so Important in Adhesive Bonding?


With high-level use of technologies and research by skilled professionals and scientists, waterproof adhesives have been extended to areas that were impossible a decade earlier. It has brought in huge demand from consumers, and with that, numerous factories have been set up to produce glues for various purposes. Amongst the giant companies is the waterproof adhesives manufacturer China which has emerged as a formidable challenge to other American and European manufacturers. While the waterproof glue has widened the application area, it is the electronic sector that has become one of the major buyers of the specialized adhesive for single chip-on-board (COB).

Usually known as Glob Tops, these specialized adhesives are epoxies used to cover the COB. It is applied primarily to encapsulate wire-bonded dies. The reason for doing so is that the wire bonds need physical strengthening, and epoxy provides this. Here, epoxy is the best as you don’t get the same protection in underfill or conformal coatings methods.

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waterproof glue

waterproof glue

Seamless and Hassle-free Electronic Products

Glob Tops have other advantages, especially when manufacturing electronic products. The viscosity of the COB Encapsulation Materials is variable. It means that the COB materials become less viscous when subjected to physical agitation and more viscous in static conditions. Again, they exercise controlled flow and do not run over the applied area. Only the top waterproof glue manufacturer has the technology to produce such high-end products at lower prices.

Based Chip Underfill

Based Chip Underfill

It is also seen that COB encapsulation materials produced by waterproof glue manufacturer China are better than that of other competitors due to superior quality checks, tests, and packaging. The delivery schedule to clients is strictly implemented, and there is exceptional after-sales service.

The above product is loaded with thermally conductive filler, which allows it to aid in heat dissipation. The COB materials are also opaque and not easily removed. The two-part of these waterproof glue China has a longer curing time and can be done at room temperature. The above waterproof adhesives China are used where higher-level bonding is required, and a specific chip needs extra protection. They are also used frequently in areas like high-pressure molding and where complex fine wires exist like modern wire-bonded chips.

Underfill Supplies

The invention of underfill paved the way for low-cost electronic products worldwide. It reduces the thermal stresses associated with solder bumps. In this context, the Based Chip Underfill became widely used, and therefore the manufacturers in China started to use it between the chip and the substrate after flip-chip interconnection.

The chip underfills made electronic devices and computers much cheaper for mass consumption. For this reason and due to the workforce management, a waterproof adhesive manufacturer from China can easily quote low prices without compromising on quality.

If you are interested in making good profits by starting your venture at your location, you can bulk order waterproof adhesive from China at a high discount. You can certainly recover your money within a few seasons.