Diamond drawing dies: Things to consider


Perhaps, it is time to invest in Wire Drawing Dies for your business. You need to select the very best product available in the market. The product purchased should be free from defects. Do your homework to choose a suitable drawing die to fit perfectly your business needs!


When prices are concerned, natural ones are considered to be more expensive. But higher price paid for it is indeed worth the effort and try due to various reasons. Firstly, such products are termed to be more complex, the reason why more processing time will be essential. They tend to feature high hardness level. Moreover, they get used in small diameter materials. The products are also termed to be resistant towards wear and tear.

Also is present carbide mold having relatively lower hardness. It has lower resistance and slightly rough surface. Hence, this one is not good to be purchased. Rather, invest in something quality Nano Diamond Coated Dies that can withstand time.

 diamond drawing dies

diamond drawing dies

Experts state that diamond wire dies offer poor resistance. They might not be used for longer time periods. Hence, it will be necessary to consider product material quality before making such purchases. Hardness level of the material is stated to be a primary component to affect unit resistance.

Wear and tear in normal circumstances is likely to be lower if components of the drawing die are harder. Besides this, wear resistance is related to carbide quality, shape, size and type.

Things to consider when buying pcd wire drawing dies

  • Hot and Cold Fatigue Resistance:The die you plan to purchase for your business should come with cold/hot fatigue resistance. In case it fails to resist extreme temperatures, then over time, cracks may develop, thus rendering it completely useless.
  • Tissue State, Grain Size and Carbon Content:In case the drawing die’s grain size and carbon tissue state is not to the market, then fatigue structure might arise after several weeks or months. Hence, it is necessary to ensure choosing a strong unit that is designed to last for several years. Do take into account the die’s strength level, toughness, hardness and carbon content before finalizing the purchase. You may check reputed sites like https://www.szwiredie.com/ to buy quality products.
  • Toughness:Diamond drawing dies, in most cases, are of exceptional quality. In case the mold components are found to be brittle, then that product will not be used for longer time. Hence, a tough and strong drawing die will be desired.
  • nano dies

    nano dies


It will be important to take into consideration the above three factors to purchase quality diamond or nano dies. The right choice will be desirable to ensure deriving top quality products that will be worth the investment. Moreover, the product selected should cover all your needs. It will not make any sense to buy another one or get the recently purchased one to be replaced every now and then! You do need to make a wise decision after checking out several manufacturers, compare their product features, prices, etc.

Top Tips to Spot the Best Quality Wire Drawing Dies Manufacturers

 diamond drawing dies

diamond drawing dies

One of the best tips to find out a professional manufacturer of dies for drawing wire is to browse the internet. It isn’t simply browsing here or there that yields results. You come across numerous such manufacturers, and all of them may not be able to deliver on their promises. Again, the internet is only your first step to ascertain which one is the best if you wish to order molds in bulk for retailing or manufacturing purposes.

The next best tip is to go through comments from genuine customers who have already made their purchases. You will find that the next tip is to find out about the prices of dies and each according to their specifications. Go through the sites of these professional manufacturers, and you will notice the difference quite easily. Many manufacturers do not have many years of experience, nor do they have skilled technicians. If you find all these a little cumbersome, then you may visit this site here at www.szwiredie.com to place your inquiry on the website, and you will immediately get a reply.

Wire Drawing Dies

Quality, Durability, and Affordabilit

Few manufacturers have a mission to put in their best efforts to give their high-quality Wire Drawing Dies to their customers that last for a long time and are competitively priced. Yet another tip is that they must be able to deliver according to a consumer’s specification and have the capability to manufacture any dies with their state-of-the-art technology. In other words, such wire drawing dies manufacturers can produce dies in a wide range of applications, namely automotive wire, medical wire, superconducting, welding wire, cable wire, tube industrial application wire, etc.

Again, the company must export such wire dies globally, including nano dies, pcd dies, diamond dies, compacting and stranding dies for the wire and cable industry, and enameling dies. Again, they must have top customer care service to put a query, and they will furnish all related information without any delay. The foremost tip here is that they should be able to answer technical questions from customers, including engineering the drawing size, specification, and geometry of the die.

pcd dies

pcd dies

PCD and Diamond Drawing Dies

The wire drawing industry has never been the same with PCD wire drawing dies and has brought in efficiency and stability for the whole processing process. PCD or polycrystalline diamond dies are made by sintering micron-sized diamond particles under high temperature and pressure conditions. It is because of this PCD is hard, offers very high resistance and impact. The pcd mold also has uniform wear and has a pretty long life and therefore is a one-time investment for companies.

Another big advantage of pcd wire drawing dies is that they cost much less than a single crystalline diamond and are generally used worldwide. On the other hand, CVD diamond, known as Chemical Vapor Deposition diamond, is a pure diamond deposited on the surface of a solid substrate.

If you know of sites that sell all the above types of die molds, including the heavily demanded Polycrystalline diamond wire drawing dies for only kinds, you will find very few in the market. Hence, SZ Wire Die is reckoned as the leading diamond drawing dies in the international market.