What is Facial Sheet Mask Made of?


It’s recorded that first kind of mask has been wash-off kind, which is originated from ancient Egypt. The queen of Egypt, Cleopatra VII used gold and egg white mixture for youthful skin. From many historical record, Asian beauty emblem Yang Guifei from Tang dynasty also often used pearl powder, ginseng and lotus root powder to get wash-off kind facial mask.

At that moment, the facial mask was only a growing group so maybe not so many people paid attention . 10 decades before, sheet masks were only a supplementary skincare as opposed to one of most significant routine of the skin care like today. Anyhow, the non-woven cloth was tough and was not too adhesive to skin. So individuals generally needed to lie to utilize those sheet masks. They also dry very quickly, so they’re immediately substituted to cotton masks.

From this instant, sheet mask is known as main category of Korean cosmetics. In 2009, Genic brought hydrogel masks through home shopping station and it completely changed the marketplace. Quickly, other companies began to make hydro gel masks. Nowadays businesses make facial sheet make with different material such as tencel, bio-cellulose, coconut gel or bean gel.

Here is the lists of Facial Sheet Mask Materials:

gelHydrogel Mask: Hydro gel is a material synthetically made by cross-linking hydrophilic molecules that can keeps moisture. Generally hydro gel is highly absorbent so serum from the mask doesn’t run down or have evaporated easily, therefore it delivers active ingredient efficiently to your skin.


Tencel: Tencel is eco friendly artificial fiber acquired from eucalyptus pulp. It’s extremely soft feel and incredibly hypoallergenic, it’s often utilized in baby clothes. It’s excellent skin affinity and higher air permeability so that it provides very comfortable feeling as a decorative mask material.


Cotton: Cotton facial masks are sterile, non-irritating kind of mask which retains great quantity of serum. They’re generally more affordable than other substance so it’s sufficient for everyday mask.


Biocellulose Mask: Biocellulose is a fiber synthesized by specific bacteria. The fiber used in this kind of mask is quite thin, so it has amazing skin affinity. It also can hold water (or serum) around 100 times of their dry weight, therefore it is a superb kind of mask material.


Coconut Gel Mask: it’s an edible substance known as nata de coco. Very similar to biocellulose mask, it’s created by particular bacteria during fermentation procedure for coconut juice. It’s similar but considerably milder texture than hydrogel and has quite excellent skin affinity.