Advantages of High-Pressure Pump Bought from MKS Hydraulic


Unlike the rest of the competition worldwide, MKS Hydraulic has two distinct advantages over them. The first advantage is its ability to continuously develop its series of Hydraulic pumps and the steady growth of customers from all parts of the world. The second advantage is noticeable when clients browsing on the site would instantly take note of the prices, which are lower than other competitors. These are in areas of the high-quality pump and motor manufacture, and the other is lower prices.

MKS Hydraulic specializes in manufacturing and selling some of the highest quality pumps, motors, and related components at factory prices. The company has been in this field since 1995 and has acquired tremendous experience and knowledge in this area. Due to their expertise and determined team efforts of highly skilled researchers, they have steadily developed newer products for customers.

 Hydraulic pumps

Hydraulic pumps

Top Class R & D Research Center

The company has one of the best facilities to carry out research and development of newer products. The research team consists of highly skilled technical staff and, as a dedicated team, has been able to develop more unique products for its clients within China and abroad.

The company has developed and manufactured A4VSO, A4FO, A4FM, A10VSO, Parker PV series of pumps and motors. Clients also get one of the widest ranges of hydraulics, including High-pressure pump to other kinds of Piston pumps. Therefore, the company’s products have been widely used in iron and steel metallurgy, ceramics, water conservation, hydropower, forging, construction machinery, mining, ship, agricultural machinery, etc.

All the products have also been developed by 3D dynamic simulation and highly sophisticated testing equipment.

 Piston pumps

Piston pumps

Equipment Designing and Manufacturing

MKS has steadily expanded its client base by offering specific equipment designing and their manufacture to suit client requirements and special objectives. Currently, they undertake a wide range of hydraulic system designing, and the same has been completed successfully beyond the expectation of the customers.

The company’s main products are plunger pump, vane pump, gear pump, pressure valve, direction valve, flow control valve, cartridge valve, proportional valve, Hydraulic motor system, and many more.

These products are used in various industries worldwide, including plastic machinery, engineering, casting, metallurgy, metal cutting tools, mining, shoe manufacturing, etc.


Power of Hydraulics

It is a well-known fact that the hydraulic system has the highest power density of any mechanical transmission system and is widely used in all industries. It means that huge force and power can be created within a small actuator and, therefore, very beneficial for numerous applications.

There are various kinds of hydraulic pumps, including gear pumps, Fixed piston pumps, vane pumps, clutch pumps, dump pumps, and refuse pumps. It is noteworthy that hydraulic motors are rotary actuators that convert fluid energy into mechanical power. It is the hydraulic motors that provide the force and supply the motion to move the external load. It is therefore important for motors to work in tandem with pumps.

It is therefore essential that such movements shouldn’t face any hurdles and require smooth action throughout. Hence, clients who wish to have efficiency added to the performance of such a hydraulic system may browse the company website right here at to place an order.


Highly Efficient Hydraulic System

Customers who prefer to have a durable, steady, and the highly efficient hydraulic system should purchase the MKS Hydraulic motor and pump. If they have specific objectives, they can contact the staff to get the best advice, including the benefits of Fixed pumps and other components.


It is noteworthy that a hydraulic pump is connected to a prime mover with the pump shaft, and there is no extra radial load. The hydraulic motor is connected to the load with the help of sprockets, pulleys, and gears. It is so done that the main shaft can bear an increased radial load. If one or another component is defective, then it results in a complete stoppage. Here, quality is emphasized, and clients need to look for the best product available in the market.


Therefore, a quality hydraulic system from MKS Hydraulic can move heavier loads and provide greater force than mechanical, electrical, and pneumatic systems. It is due to a fluid power system that works flawlessly and perfectly when in use.