Which is the best glasses supplier in the market?


The sunglasses have become an intrinsic part of fashion and it is an important accessory that completes the look plus adds to the overall personality of an individual. The good thing is there are so many different options available in the market so you can experiment with the different sunglasses and choose the best option based on what suits you the best.

There are some big brands and prominent sunglasses manufacturers in the market that are particularly known for their dazzling range of sunglasses. The consumers trust these brands which is why these companies sell a large volume of sunglasses. One such reliable custom sunglasses manufacturer is Taizhou Baiyu Eyewear Co. Ltd. This sunglasses vendor produces and sells some of the best and most stylish sunglasses with a penchant for glamour and panache.

glasses supplier

glasses supplier

The wide range of sunglasses sold by Taizhou Baiyu Eyewear

The catalog of sunglasses at Taizhou Baiyu keeps getting constantly updated as new products are added from their sunglasses factory. Some of the main categories of sunglasses that are manufactured by the company includes promotional sunglasses, polarized sunglasses, blue light blocking sunglasses and fashion sunglasses amongst others. Each of these categories has a wide range of products that wary based on the type of glass, frame material, style, design pattern and price amongst other factors.

Here we will document some of the best polarized sunglasses from the company. If you are looking for stylish and durable polarized sunglasses then here are some of the best options listed on https://www.sunglassesjy.com/: Wayfarer Polarized Wholesale Sunglasses 2140, Polarized Lens Branded Fishing Glasses 3399, TR90 Frame Wayfarer New Polarized Sunglasses 3398, Double Bridge Aviator Trendy Polarized Sunglasses 3374, Men’s Polarized Customized Fishing Sunglasses 3373 and High Quality Metal Men Polarized Glasses 3372 amongst others. Let us have a look at one of these sunglasses in a little more detail.

sunglasses vendor

sunglasses vendor

Double Bridge Aviator Trendy Polarized Sunglasses 3374: These are amongst the most popular, trendy and stylish sunglasses that are specifically designed for the young generation. The 3374 model has a metal frame material and it includes TAC polarized as its lens material. It has a UV rating of UV400 and these polarized sunglasses comes with the face-fitting contour design. The UV lenses included in these sunglasses help in reducing the harmful light. There are also various color options available for the customers to choose from.

What to expect from Taizhou Baiyu?

The Taizhou Baiyu is a premium glasses manufacturer and primary sunglasses manufactured by the company includes wholesale polarized sunglasses, promotional sunglasses, blue light blocking sunglasses, reading glasses and the fashion sunglasses.

With several years of experience in the business of sunglasses the company has some of the products on its catalog which are exported to various countries around the world. The company has strict quality control protocols in place and it is certified by FDA and CE certifications.