Which are the best LED desk lamps in the market?


The indoor lighting is one of the most important aspects of home designing and it is crucial that you have good quality solutions for maximum productivity as well as aesthetics. There are several brands and manufacturers in the market that provide high quality lighting solutions through their different products. When choosing home lighting solutions it is always recommended to choose reliable products that are manufactured by well known and renowned brands in the market. A bit of research on different products in the market and comparison of their features as well as specs can go a long way in ensuring that you get the best product.


Why should you choose Ezvalo for your home lighting solutions?

Established in 2018, Ezvalo is one of the most popular names in the industry with a slew of top class home lighting solutions for the consumers. The range of smart products from the company provides excellent lighting in every corner of the house for the customers. If you want maximum productivity then Ezvalo is constantly focused on the creation of ideally crafted smart-home lighting equipments for transforming your personal space as per your requirements. The company is developing products which has the potential of improving lives for everyone involved.

led small desk lamp

led small desk lamp

The essence of https://www.ezvalo.com/ is represented and symbolized by the feeling of Hygge. This essentially means a creation of warm atmosphere plus enjoyment of the good stuff in life. The candlelight’s warm glow is hygge. Getting cozy with your loved ones for the move is also an example of hygge. And there is no bigger example of hygge than sitting along with the family and friends, talking about different things in life. This is essentially the feeling which Ezvalo wants to transmit to the customers via their products.


The top quality LED desk lamps from Ezvalo

Ezvalo is one of the highly reliable manufacturers in the market that is trusted by consumers across the board. The premium quality LED desk lamp produced and sold by Ezvalo includes EZVALO Smart desk lamp, EZVALO E-reading music lamp and Hand wave activated Under Cabinet light – 23.5″ aluminum amongst others. Let us have a look at one of these products in more detail.


EZVALO Smart desk lamp: The EZVALO smart LED desk lamp with wireless charging is basically the multi-purpose desk lamp that has the capability of transforming into various modes for leisure and precision work. This optical solution provides support to the step-less dimming and the CCT adjustment. This product comes patented with unique-lens design which provides high-brightness even wavelength and flicker-free lighting.


Specifications: This lamp comes with 8.5 W rated power with a center brightness of 800 Lux and color temperature of 2700k-6500k which is adjustable. It comes with a color rendering index of Ra>90, 95 max. It has smart compatibility with Amazon, Google Home, Alexa, Tuya smart and home assistant.