The vital self-therapies for chronic prostatitis


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self-therapies for chronic prostatitis

self-therapies for chronic prostatitis.

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The easy self-therapies for chronic prostatitis  


Today, prostatitis is an issue with innumerable men. Unfortunately, we can find a high incidence of prostatitis, and subsequently, the cure is cumbersome, if kept untreated it could lead to chronic prostatitis, that will recur and have several adverse effects on a patient. However, Dr. Lee has rendered efficacious self-therapies for chronic prostatitis, that can highly assist to ease pain in the patients.


Initially, the patient can opt for Sitz therapy with warm water. This can be done by a patient independently without the use of any medical equipment. A patient has to pour warm water of around forty-degree Celsius into a basin and sit in it for about fifteen minutes. He can conduct it once or even twice daily.


The second therapy of self-therapies for chronic prostatitis is message therapy. This is an adjuvant therapy that could effectively help chronic prostatitis patients. This is a gentle self-massage that can be done by a patient. However, he has to use soap to lubricate the prostate and reduce discomfort. It is best to massage for three to five minutes and press on the prostatic gland with an index or middle finger.

self-therapies for chronic prostatitis

self-therapies for chronic prostatitis

The third option is exercise therapy. Here, the patient can carry out his favorite exercise viz. yoga, tai chi, swimming, jogging, aerobic exercises, etc. It is scientifically proved that a scientific guided exercise is conducive rehabilitating chronic prostatitis and thus could be considered as one of the necessary self-therapies for chronic prostatitis.


The last therapy for patients suffering from chronic prostatitis is keeping a good mood. This in turn has a significant effect on the well-being of the patient. Additionally, the lifestyle changes also play an important aspect, like drinking alcohol, eating a lot of spicy foods, sitting for a long time, staying up late, and traveling long distances by bus or taxi.


The essential point to be noted by chronic prostatitis patient


A chronic prostatitis patient should note that all the self-therapies for chronic prostatitis are associated with the intake of proper drugs since this health condition has complex etiology and a patient has to contribute much of his time to treat himself and considerably reduce his pain.