Brand ball bearings – Road to Sustainable Growth and Development


A whole host of factors play a role when it comes to the lifespan of 6214 bearings.  When speaking of the important aspects, the intrinsic factor and the service factor needs to be discussed in detail.

Deep groove ball bearings

Deep groove ball bearings

When we speak of the service factor, the repair, maintenance and installation are the most important criteria that has to meet the technical requirements.  It is left to the user to make sure that he keeps a check and monitors the load, inspects the vibration, noise, temperature, rotating speed and of course the lubricating condition at the time the bearing is being operated.

SKF 6214 bearings

SKF 6214 bearings

Get to know more about Deep groove ball bearings and how important it is in many machinery requirements.  Even when we are speaking of the above bearings, it is of essence that the user gets to know the reasons for any of the malfunctioning of these bearings.

Irrespective of the type of bearings, make sure to procure these from an authorized roller bearings distributor.  If there is any lax when it comes to installation of the bearings, the service time or the lifespan of the bearing is obviously going to be reduced considerably.

There are a whole host of roller bearings supplier and when you browse the internet, get to know the complete details of their reputation, their customer feedback and their after sales service.  If possible, physically visit establishments where these roller bearings have been supplied and get to know if the customers are also satisfied with the quality and the after sales service extended by the distributors and retail outlets.

With a plethora of best ball bearings distributor who are into this line of business, there is enough business for every retailer.  Hence, identifying a good distributor who has enough knowledge about the market and who has had years of experience in this business truly helps.

Intrinsic factor – Quality of the bearing

Now the second most important factor that needs to be factored in is the intrinsic factor that means the bearing’s quality. This refers to bearing’s material quality, manufacturing technology used and of course the structure design.  At times, due to defects in the metallurgical quality, the life span of the bearings reduced. With a whole host of development happening in metallurgical technology, the raw material quality has truly gone up considerably. However, there may still be occasions where the bearing could fail.  The bearing is processed using many working procedures like heat treatment, forging, grinding, turning, assembling and so on. The service time influencers are the advancement, rationality and stability of the working processes. In the unforeseen event of the SKF bearing failing, it has a direct relationship to the grinding process and heat treatment.

The failure of the bearing can be determined by doing a thorough background check, failure modes and of course the right measures can be adopted that would enable prolonging the service time of the bearing.

The deep groove ball bearings truly are the most well-known type of bearings since they are self-retaining as compared to others. The ball bearing basically aids in reducing friction between the parts and works as a rotating support. They come in simple designs and are easy maintenance. Hence, they also look versatile than before, not forgetting to mention that they also aid in less noise. We all know for a fact that ventilators, electrical machinery, washing machines and power tools require a low noise level. In these machinery, high quality balls are used for reducing the sound.


Reduction in energy consumption, low noise levels are something that need to be considered in today’s world of technology and machinery and hence choosing the right bearings truly makes a difference.