10 Important Things You Must Know Before Studying in Australia


When we think of Australia, coral reefs, amazing sandy beaches, and a few frightening wildlife come into head. But there is a lot to understand about this island country. If you are thinking about studying overseas in Australia, it is important to do a little research about the culture, history, food, and societal standards. Otherwise, you might end up in a rush or confronting some difficult surprises when you’re overseas.

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Whether you decide to study in Australia together with ISA, TEAN, or even your university, there are a couple of things your adviser might have skipped over on your pre-departure orientation package. In the logistics of having your visa to be ready for the price of living to understanding NOT to telephone girls”sheilas,” there is a lot you need to know about Australia until you jump a plane to the land down under.

1, You Might Have to Get Health Insurance

Be Sure to Check into this. If you’re going on a study abroad application, it might be included, however if you’re studying right with a college, odds are you’ll be asked to find medical insurance in Australia.

Insurers can give a selection of various OSHC goods, which means you will need to be certain that you register for a plan that suits your preferred coverage. Find out more about OSHC and also receive a list of suppliers here. And keep in mind, check out with your study abroad application to ensure to have the complete scoop on what is and isn’t covered.


2, You want a Visa

To study in Australia for over three months, you’ll require a Australian visa. The procedure for applying is rather simple. It is all done online and it’s virtually linked to a passport no embassy visits or awaiting for it to arrive in the email. On the other hand, the cost is costly, so be ready! If you examine for under three weeks, then you need to be able to go on a normal visitor visa, and save yourself some money.

3, Jet Lag is a True Thing

The time gap between Australia and the Americas is extreme. Should you arrive in the early hours, force yourself to remain up (and explore! ) ) all day. Should you arrive at night, then go to bed. The earlier you dip into your time zone, the greater.

Following that first jet lag is finished however, you will then be confronted with the complicated problem of locating a fantastic time to speak with your family and friends back home! Just be certain once you indicate a time to get a Skype , you add the time/date in both your and their time zones to prevent confusion!

4, Think Carefully About Where You Want to Study

There are a whole lot of different sorts of locations in Australia to allow you to pick from in your study abroad trip. Would you rather have rural or city? Would you wish to spend all of your spare time at the shore (OK, nearly anyplace in Oz is conducive to this!) , or would you like getting out to”the bush”? Certain regions could be better for you based on what you study.

If you are a marine biology major, then maybe Queensland near the Great Barrier Reef may be a fantastic alternative. If you are a business major, possibly studying overseas in Sydney could be a much better match. And moreover Sydney, there are loads of alternatives in towns both large and little.

5, The Seasons are Flipped!

If you’re going to Australia at the northern hemisphere’s summer, by way of instance, you’re going to be flying into sunlight. And despite the pictures of sun and beaches which might be swimming in mind, if you’re researching in one of those cities in the south (such as Sydney or Melbourne) it WILL get chilly. Ensure that you pack so.

6, Australia is Expensive

Sydney and Melbourne frequently produce the top ten lists of the planet’s priciest cities. From home to markets, prepare yourself to undergo some sticker shock and be certain to have a great chunk of change stored.

Make certain to make a budget and do your best to stay with it. Move Overseas made a handy guide which goes over the expenses of studying abroad in Australia, and also our specialists recommend budgeting an extra $6,000-$7,000 for living costs, not including tuition, room, and board.

7, Australia is Enormous

However, to come to Australia hoping to see all of this and much more is probably a dream, unless you’ve got a great deal of money and time to burn. Wherever you’re researching, there are definitely lots of amazing items nearby, and you are probably able to swing one large trip, but manage your expectations concerning visiting the entire nation.

8, Create an effort to Study On the Nation

Talking of stereotyping, be certain you read up about Australia until you set out to study abroad there. By way of instance, what’s the capital of Australia? Canberra! Impress your host nation citizens by understanding a little more than the average Joe, and also do your due diligence for a respectful and educated visitor.

9, Crocodile Dundee Isn’t Your Typical Australian

Regardless of what TV has taught us, it is not a fantastic idea to call women”sheilas” and do not expect to see everybody dressed in safari equipment, wrangling crocs. Folks do say”G’day,” but that is about where the similarities stopped. You would be wise to research on your (contemporary ) Aussie slang, but otherwise, you will pick it up eventually. (Frequently, in case you abbreviate a word and put in an”o” or”y” towards the end of this, you’re likely going to get shut.) Moreover, Australia is really an extremely diverse nation (which also implies there’s a fantastic global food scene) .

10, The Grading System is Different

If you are going to be getting Australian levels, it is well worth looking into exactly what they imply. A”D” is in reality a very good grade!

Prepare for tons of pleasure!

Being conscious of these 10 easy truth will make your study overseas remain in Australia heaps (get accustomed to using that phrase!) better. With just a little prep, I guess you will have a bad time — kicking arse in course at the arvo and appreciating snags and stubbies around the shore on the weekend. Just do not overlook your sunnies!