Three major reasons to consider not reusing or cleaning the Air Purifiers for Home with HEPA Filter


There are manufactured appliances to serve various purposes. One such appliance that is fast becoming a necessity in every household, office and commercial complex is the hepa air purifier. A few units are said to be fitted with washable fitters. Electrostatic air purifiers, for instance, are considered to be low maintenance units. The filters are designed to be washed several times, conveniently. This means, you do not have to worry for a long time to carry out costly replacements. Thus, you can save ample money and use it trouble-free and breathe in fresh, pure air.


Why invest in hepa air purifier for home?

HEPA filters are worth the investment. This is because they are effective enough to eliminate 99.97% of the particles found in air. Experts however advise new and existing air purifier owners to not reuse their disposable HEPA filter.

hepa air purifier for home

hepa air purifier for home

Reasons to know

There does exist genuine reasons, some of which are given below:

Avoid playing with them: Using any kind of technique for cleaning the filters will only mean damaging the units. If damaged, then the unit cannot be expected to perform proper filtering functions. Hence, you should not play with or touch the disposable filters. Remember, branded hepa air purifier for allergies are expensive and so are their parts. The solution here will be to get the filters replaced immediately if they get dirty or show signs of damage or wear & tear. It is not at all a wise idea to try saving money on the old filter. Doing so will only risk your family’s health.


Avoid vacuuming them: In case you have plans to vacuum filters, then do think again. They have a strong fibre that is designed to attract and catch 99% airborne particles. If the hepa air purifier for pets gets clogged, then it is not possible to clean without hiring the professionals. Hence, avoid vacuuming the units. It is simply impossible to suck dirt away from the units.

Air Purifiers for Home with HEPA Filter

Air Purifiers for Home with HEPA Filter

Avoid washing them: You are simply making a major mistake by planning to wash the filters. Water may help clean dirty filters. But in the process they tend to create moisture. Air purifiers are generally installed to eliminate odour and mould formation in the rooms. Cleaning purifiers will only mean encouraging mould growth. Moisture in these filters is likely to support mould growth. It also leads spore generation, thereby spreading them throughout the room. You can get more idea by checking websites like Water if used might cause the filter with serious damage. Whatever be the technique you use to dry the filters, it is likely to remain wet. Thus, the filters will not be able to function properly as expected since they have contacted water. Hence, the only safe way to ensure the hepa air purifier for dust lasts long is to replace the existing filter with a new one.


Therefore, following the above tips will enable you to derive max from your Air Purifiers for Home with HEPA Filter.