What are the different types of gas flow meters?


The gas flow meter is essentially the measurement device that is used for measuring the flow of gas. The sensors of gas flow are installed within the pipeline for displaying and recording the volume of gas that is passing through pipelines. The gas flow meters are able to measure air, nitrogen, gas, phosgene, acetylene, natural gas, hydrogen, hydrogen peroxide, LPG gas, methane, flue gas, chlorine, biogas, oxygen, carbon dioxide, argon gas, compressed air, benzene, toluene, hydrogen sulfide, xylene, propane, sulfur dioxide, and ammonia gas flow meter amongst others.

gas flow meter

gas flow meter

If you are thinking of installing a gas flow meter then you might ask which is the best type of gas flow meter available in the market? Well there is no perfect fit as such when it comes to the gas flow meters. The majority of the gas flow meters in the market require calibration, adjustments, maintenance, and other tuning to be ideal for your measurement requirements. This is because every type of the gas flow meter comes it with its own advantages and disadvantages owing to the technology that is used and the principle of operation.

The different types of gas flow meters

Some of the different types of gas flow meters that are available in the market includes thermal mass flow meter, gas turbine flow meter, Coriolis flow meter, Vortex flow meter and Rotameter amongst others. We will have a brief look at one of these gas flow meters.

Liquid Mass flow meter

Liquid Mass flow meter

Gas turbine flow meter: This gas flow uses the sophisticated turbine technology of the digital flow meters and provides optimum design. It is one of the new generation of flow meters that provides high reliability and precision based on theory of the hydromechanics, pneumatics, and electromagnetic. This gas mass flow meter provides excellent performance at both high and low pressure. It provides different ways of the signal output and it has low sensitivity to fluid turbulence.

Some of the features of the gas turbine flow meter are as follows. The sensor provides high accuracy and comes with a premium rectifier which doesn’t put hard demand on the pipes. The display of the gas turbine provides 180 degree rotation and easy installation. The meter also has good repeatability and comes with independent electronics which provides for easy replacement and maintenance.

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