What is the difference between oud and bakhoor


Find out more about the standard Arabian aromas of oud and bakhoor, and discover where you can grab the best combinations.

What’s oud?

Oud is a fragrant oil derived from resin and worn traditionally by both Emirati men and women. It’s a distinctive, mesmerising odor that people to Dubai will probably learn how to recognise and connect with all the Emirates.

Oud is among the priciest all-natural resources in the planet, bringing 1.5 times the amount of gold, and is an excellent souvenir to take home from the trip to Dubai. Also called oodh, oudh or from its Arabic title, عود, the oil has been derived from the resinous heartwood (commonly called agarwood), made by trees belonging to the species of their Aquilaria genus of Thymelaeaceae household.

oud oil

Susceptible to mould, an infected tree produces an excess of sap, which hardens as resin at the trunk’s core. Once chosen, the resin is dried into the dark brown, thick oil known as oud. It’s a valuable commodity — 70kg of wood generates just 20ml of pure product. From here, it’s diluted with carrier oils to create oud-based fragrances.

While Western fragrance houses opt to recreate oud’s signature earthiness with synthetic ingredients, local traditional perfumers nevertheless prefer to use pure oud oil.

oud oil

Where can you purchase oud in Dubai?

Easy, unmarked vials of this oud oil can easily be located at the Perfume Souk in Deira, together with sellers pleased to blend and combine drops of vanilla, rose and other florals into soften the extreme, powerful notes.

Where can you buy oud in Dubai?

Otherwise, visit the Islands for specialised oud scents from luxury cologne manufacturers like Ne’emah and Ajmal.

What’s bakhoor?

Dubai’s connection with odor goes beyond private scents, together with bakhoor scenting the air in five star resorts, conventional coffee shops and personal Emirati homes.

Used for centuries, bakhoor initially originated with Arabia’s Spartan Levantine tribes, who upon placing up campwould burn agarwood processors to fragrance the atmosphere and discourage insects. Like oud, use continued to the modern day, with people throughout the city nevertheless preferring bakhoor burning candles, sprays and incense to get fragrancing rooms.

What is bakhoor?

A more gentle way of appreciating the odor of oud, bakhoor (or bukhoor; بخور) is the title given to agarwood chips which have been saturated with vanilla and sandalwood to soften and lighten the heavy aromas, or citrus and vanilla essential oils to include sharp notes. They are then compacted and formed until being packaging in square, horizontal blocks segmented into equal parts. In the home, those pieces are subsequently burnt within a charcoal cooker or electric burner to discharge plumes of fragrant smoke to fill the area.

Where can you locate bakhoor in Dubai?

Make Sure You pick up your block of bakhoor in Deira’s Spice Souk, or among the Numerous kiosks at The Souk in The Dubai Mall. Competitively priced and ideal for gifting, bakhoor is an exotic option to incense, and also a milder choice if you discover oud perfumes overly powerful.